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Today we had another day at sea.  We spend a bit of time relaxing in the SeaPlex as well as having dinner at Jamies Italian and had our first visit to the theatre!  I also answer some of your questions in a Q&A!

In the morning we had another late-ish start in Two70º with the second day of our progressive quiz and another tasty breakfast.

During the quiz it was announced that there had been a medical emergency on board throughout the night, and that the medical team had decided that an evacuation of the affected person would be necessary.  This helicopter transfer necessitated the closure of significant parts of the rear of the ship, and we saw the helicopter pass at the rear from the windows of the Two70º before airlifting the person to shore.  It all went successfully, the preparation was very smooth and very organised, with fire crews all through the ship with hoses and foam ready to take action in the event that anything went wrong.

It was actually very reassuring that they have such protocols in place and are prepared for any eventuality.  I hope whoever required land-based medical assistance got the care they needed and will be OK!

Interestingly we knew there had been a medical emergency because we had heard the ‘Alpha Alpha Alpha’ call on the PA system at about 4:30am.


We had a really nice time today in the SeaPlex and tried a variety of the activities they have going on.  We started with some Air Hockey ($1.45/game, just tap your SeaPass), then moved on to some table football (no charge).  I won both games!  We had a look at the Xbox area but these were all being used, except one of them which we couldn’t seem to get to work!

We also tried our hand at the roller skates.  Alex wasn’t a big fan, and left fairly quickly.  I enjoyed it, but certainly wasn’t very good at it!  It’s been a while, and I’ve only ever used in-line skates before now, and only when I was much, much younger!  I’m determined to have another go before the cruise is over!

During the day when there aren’t any proper events on, I think the room is mostly set up for sports with a soccer area and some basketball hoops.  All very busy when we’ve looked in!

I really like the SeaPlex – it’s a fantastic space with lots going on, and I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s their favourite place on the ship too.  Clearly a popular innovation from Royal Caribbean!

Questions and Answers

I asked for any questions you might have and seeing as we had quite a chilled out day I thought I’d answer some of them for you!

Johnny Rockets

We had lunch today in Johnny Rockets.  This is in the covered part of the outdoor pool area, and serves burgers, fries, onion rings, and milkshakes on a chargeable basis.  Burgers were $2.50, with fries and onion rings $1.50 each, or half and half.

I had a smokehouse burger which I found a little dry, but Alex’s original burger was delicious and had all of the lovely toppings that you want in a burger.  The onions rings were pretty good too.

I don’t think the burgers are that much better than the ones you can get for free on the Celebrity Eclipse pool deck, but the theming is awesome and you do get some great views of the sea.  Maybe worth a visit if you like burgers!

Personally I’d love to see a cruise line get Five Guys burgers on there – that would be much more interesting to me!

Royal Theatre

We saw two performances in the theatre tonight, with dinner in between.  The first was a comedy magician called Paul Dabek.  He was really entertaining actually, even if some of the jokes you might have heard before.  His delivery was great though, and Alex and I both loved the shadow puppet bit he did at the end.  Very good, and worth a watch!

The second performance was late-night stand-up comedy with Jimmy McGhie.  This was absolutely hilarious, and easily the best comedy I’ve seen on a ship.  A very funny guy – you can see clips on him on YouTube if you have a search.  One of the reviews on his website says “See him now before you have to queue around the O2” and I totally agree.  He deserves to be a big name in comedy.  Brilliant show!

Jamie’s Italian

Dinner tonight was in Jamie’s Italian, which is an interesting restaurant because it is open to the inside of the ship so it doesn’t feel enclosed like most places (see the video to understand what I mean).  We were lucky because when we arrived the Anthem of the Seas pop-up pianist was playing outside, and we enjoyed his music for the first little bit of our dinner!

The food here was, once again, excellent.  We shared a little charcuterie board, as well as arancini and some olive tapenade.  For main courses I had a crab spaghetti and Alex had a tagliatelle bolognese.  All of the pasta was beautifully cooked and the flavours were incredible.  The pastas are all freshly made each morning in-house, just as they are in Jamie’s Italian restaurants on land.

Service was fantastic, and there is a marked difference between the service we received here (and in Wonderland) compared to that in Silk (a complementary restaurant).  We’re in The Grande tomorrow night which is another complementary restaurant, so we’ll see how that compares too.

9 thoughts on “Sea Day 2

  1. Gill Tonkin

    Hi, I’ve just found your very informative blog and am finding it very useful, thanks (we sail on 28th September so with 11 days to go, I’m soaking up all the information I can get).
    My question is about the internet discount you mentioned for Gold C&A members. I recall on our last RC cruise, there were booklets in the stateroom giving discounts for C&A members. Is that the same on Anthem? I have asked my TA and she can’t get an answer from RC. We will definitely be using 2 devices and will make use of the package, but would welcome any discounts they want to give us. Thanks again for taking the time to help others.

    1. Duncan Post author

      All of the Crown & Anchor discounts are now loaded on to your SeaPass, so there are no physical coupons or vouchers. There will be a letter in your stateroom on arrival detailing your C&A level and listing all of the discounts and offers you’re entitled to, but to redeem them you simply use your SeaPass and presumably tell the person.

      For the internet discount you simply log on to the WiFi from your laptop/iPad/whatever and follow the instructions. When shown the packages it will automatically know that you’re entitled to a discount and apply this to the package price.

      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my blog and the posts I’ve made! Let me know if you have any more questions! 😊

    1. Gill Tonkin

      Thanks Duncan, that was a quick reply…..I presumed (or hoped) there would be some loyalty to C&Q members, so will look forward to paying less than the advertised daily internet charge :-))

      Another question (seeing as you offered lol) …did you have a pre booked drinks package? We have Select as part of the booking offer and we’re considering an upgrade to Premium. On our last RC cruise we booked ahead as we were told there were no discounts available when we boarded, only to find lots of discounted adverts on bars for “buy 13 days, pay for only 10” etc. Did you notice this happening when you boarded, or after the first few days perhaps?

      1. Duncan Post author

        No worries 🙂

        We had a drinks package included, but wanted to upgrade to Ultimate. We were told we couldn’t do this before the cruise (I called Royal Caribbean about it) so we ended up doing it on the ship on the first day. I didn’t see anything subsequently about any discounts or special offers to upgrade.

        There were, however, quite a few offers towards the END of the cruise for speciality dining, so if you aren’t bothered about the speciality restaurants it might be worth holding out. We were offered 40% on two occasions if we booked then and there with our server, but this was well into the second week and presumably depends on how full the speciality restaurants are.

  2. robbarcruises

    Was listening to your question videos and from my mind if the total cost for Internet access unlimited was $283 then that is reasonable value for not worrying about devices left on and what is my cost today. I thought I hear you say it was $50 a day with a 10 % discount so for 7 days it equates.
    Your blog at sea is your enjoyment so time is not a factor. I agree the video method is one way to not worry about scanning what photos do I link and where are they .
    Cheers / Rob ( We are Cunard) 🙂

    1. Duncan Post author

      The cost of internet was actually less than that. The cost is $15 per day for unlimited access for one device, with a second device half price. So for us, that was $15 x 14 * 1.5 which is $315, then a 10% Crown & Anchor gold discount making the grand total $283.50, which is for 14 nights.

      I don’t think it’s terrible value for us, but I can imagine many would find it a bit pricy for internet access.

  3. robbarcruises

    That was some skyride, very impressive, gives one a whole new view of a ship at sea. Love the shadows of the other folks in the pod. The food in the evenings looked so amazing , did you all eat all of it as presented. Yummy deserts for sure. Glad to see you tried out the Drink Robots . Have to show my grandson the talking robots in that presentation area.
    Looks like you both had a marvellous day at sea

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