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Minarets, Mosques, and More

πŸ‡²πŸ‡¦ Casablanca, Morocco – 06 October 2018

In Casablanca we had an early start as we met with a private tour guide to explore Rabat and Casablanca. Β In the evening we had a special dining and entertainment treat!

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Malaga, Spain

04 October 2018

Today we had a hot and sticky day in Malaga that once again exceeded my expectations, then enjoyed a smoke in the molecular bar!

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Preziosa Sea Day 2

01 October 2018

Today we had a day at sea where we relaxed on the sun deck, tackled the weekend crossword puzzles, and tried some room service pizza!

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Genoa, Italy

30 September 2018

Today we docked in Genoa, Italy where we enjoyed a walk around the city as well as some local Genoese food.

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Marseille, France

29 September 2018

Today we visited Marseille in France where we endured a catastrophic shuttle bus, visited a church, and ate wonderful French pastries.

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Barcelona, Spain

28 September 2018

Today we docked in Barcelona for our first port of call. Due to bad weather at sea our arrival was an hour later than planned. This meant we could enjoy another leisurely breakfast in La Palmeraie restaurant, and a dip in the hot tub before exploring the city.

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