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Adventures of a part-time traveller.

About Duncan

Who is this part-time traveller?

Welcome! 👋🏼

I’m a 30-something Scottish guy who is using this blog mainly as a way of recording his travels and experiences, as well as practicing some writing skills which I’ve more or less neglected since leaving full time education. I am making this blog public because many people (like me) enjoy following others on their holidays and sharing in their experiences. I’m writing this for me, but your comments, questions, and observations are warmly welcomed.

I love travelling, and hope to visit more of the world throughout my life. I’ve started cruising which I’ve come to love as cruises offer a taster of many parts of the world while moving you from place to place in relative luxury. I also enjoy great food and eating out (which ties in nicely with cruising, which is renowned for the indulgent fare on offer).

I mostly travel with my wonderful husband Alex who I have had the joy of sharing my life with since 2007.

As well as my passion for travel I’m a big old nerd and love technology and its impact on the world. I’m most recently interested in home automation and FinTech. I dabble in programming. I don’t expect to write about any of that, but it may inform my perspective.

I don’t claim to be an expert in any of the above and my experiences are entirely subjective - I like what I like and you’re free to disagree with me.