About Duncan

I’m a 30 year old Scottish guy who is using this blog mainly as a way of recording his travels and experiences, as well as practicing some writing skills which I’ve more or less neglected since leaving full time education.  I am making this blog public because many people (much like myself) enjoy following others on their holidays and sharing in their experiences.  I don’t expect this blog to attract a huge following, but I welcome any comments or interaction from you.

I love travelling, and hope to visit more of the world throughout my life.  I’ve started cruising, which I absolutely love as cruises offer a taster of many parts of the world while moving you from place to place in absolute luxury.  I also enjoy great food and eating out (which ties in nicely with cruising, which is renowned for the indulgent fare on offer).  As a result, I expect that most of the posts on here will centre around holidays, trips and interesting restaurants.

I do not claim to be an expert in any of the above, so any posts come from someone who likes what he likes, and are unlikely to feature any form of critical assessment.

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