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Vigo, Spain

14 September 2015

Today we visited Vigo in Spain – our last port of the cruise.  We had lunch in Michael’s Genuine Pub, dinner in Chic, and saw the second of Anthem’s production shows: The Gift!

When we woke up this morning we thought we might have to have another fake sea day, much like yesterday, because the weather was awful.  The rain was very heavy and visibility was non-existent.  We procrastinated for a little while in the morning before finally deciding that the rain had eased off enough that we could have a short wander into the town and stretch our legs.

Because the rain had gone off, we were able to follow our original plan for Vigo and walk to the hill-top park called El Castro which features a large plain stone cross and the remains of the San Sebastian fort which is situated right at the top of the hill and offers splendid views across not only the city of Vigo, but also the bay where the ships dock.

The walk to the top is quite pleasant and definitely a nice break from our previous day of relaxation.

Back on board we had a nice lunch in Michaels’ Genuine Pub where I enjoyed a delicious fish & chips, while Alex had some spicy chicken wings.  Both were delicious!  Michael’s is a great little venue and though it’s situated in the busy Royal Esplanade area it does have it’s own walls and entrance meaning you get the feeling of a more secluded pub.  It really is a nice place to come, though the price of the food is reasonably high with my fish & chips costing $12.  You have to decide whether this is worth it to you given all of the included food on the ship, but for us we just enjoy trying new things and budget for this accordingly.

The afternoon was spent largely relaxing in the stateroom where I got stuck back into my awesome book!

Dinner in Chic

We had dinner in Chic again and were seated at the same table we got last time.   I don’t know if this was planned or just coincidence, but it was nice to have servers who recognised us and welcomed us back.

The food was, once again, good.  I had gnocchi which was perfectly cooked and rather delicious. Alex had the beef wellington that I had last time.  All of the food was delicious, and even the look of the restaurant is growing on me… it actually reminds me a little bit of the Moonlight Sonata restaurant on Celebrity Eclipse.  Very white and modern.

The Gift

Our show last night was The Gift and this was spectacular.  One of the best shows I’ve seen in terms of technical staging and set pieces, and the performances from the cast were great too.  The story is something we are debating… it’s a little superficial in that it’s laid quite tenuously over the songs that have been chosen, but I enjoyed it anyway!  Watch the video for our brief discussion of the show!

Also happening tonight, just after The Gift, was an event in the Music Hall called Anthem Rocks.  We couldn’t get there early enough to get a seat or really anywhere near the front so it was a bit pointless, but Joff was playing some rock music from various decades and was joined by some of the dancers from the ship.  There was a great atmosphere and the dance floor was full, but as we were late to the party we couldn’t really get in!  Such a shame as it looked like a lot of fun!

Tomorrow we have our final sea day before returning to Southampton.  The holiday has gone in so quickly!!